Adventure Recreational Park

OCPRC webpage with the latest update from April 5, 2018.  I believe we will be updating our website soon with the recent approval.

In the first video, 7-1-2014, the Supervisor of Groveland Township, Bob DePalma, explains some of the possibile land uses for over 300 acres of land on the northern border of Oakland County.

The second video, 10-21-2014, was produced by Oakland County Parks and Recreation in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

An event happened on November 1st & 2nd, 2014.  It was a "Dixie Gully Run" with
hundreds of "off road vehicles" (ORVs) participating.  This event was open to the public so they could watch just one of the many proposed uses for the Adventure Park.  This event was attended by hundreds of people, one of which recorded a few minutes of the action.

Use this link to access all videos that will pertain to this subject.

Here is the layout of the park as designed so far.


Seal of Oakland County  Michigan                Oakland County Parks and Recreation                 Michigan DNR

More to come!!!

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