Invasive Species

1)  August is Tree Check month!  Everyone is encouraged to inpect their trees for potential damage. Check trees in your parks and neighborhoods for Asian longhorned beetles and Chinese yam
2)  Funding is up for renewal this November, as this will enable the OC CISMA and Oakland County Parks to not just support personnel but also create additional educational materisls, recreational equipment, as well as funding to treat invasive species.
3)  We were notified on Monday that our other two MISGP grants are also being unpaused. Still working out the details of what this means
4)  Right of Way treatment for all Oakland County roads will begin shortly end of August/September timeframe.  Cost-sharing with all townships have been confirmed.  Subcontractors will be contacting all CISMA members by email to provide notice (a least week ahead of time).
5)  Treatment of acres of member demonstration projects; we/CISMA will try to treat some partner Phragmites projects in 2020. If there is interest for submitting a project (think phragmites treatment on resident properties) in Groveland Township (Groveland Township is a CISMA partner)by any resident, please let me know!!!  This would be managed thru grant money provided to the CISMA.

2019-12-23 The Spring Invasive Species Summit flyer is out! You can find it on Facebook ( or our website (

2019-09-23 Press Release Oakland County ROW Treatments 

2019-07-15 Press Release Japanese knotweed studies

There is a grant program to help fight Phragmites in inland lakes.

Press Release Cost Effective Natural Shoreline Management

2019-06-07 Press Release Apply today New inland lake invasive plant prevention program

Press Release Invasive species alert: European frog-bit detected in Novi, MI water bodies

Watch "Practical Phragmites Control Meeting - Clay Twp Presentation" on YouTube.

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This is presented by Bob Williams at 

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More information about invasive phragmites and invasive species.

Spading Method to Remove Invasive Phragmites. View

More information about invasive species:

There are several YouTube videos listed under the "Past Events" Topic.