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Public Notice: Here are the scheduled meetings for 2019.  Dates

Here is the full presentation that goes with our latest video "2018-12-10 Gravel Road Speed Limits"
2018-12-10 Gravel Road Speed Limits.pdf

The 2020 Census is recruiting Assistants. For more info.

Free well water testing by the Oakland Conservation District.

2018-09-18 Tips for Suicide Prevention.pdf

Off road vehicle use on state forest roads.pdf

Resources for those in need.

Groveland Twp's Holly State Recreation Area Slide Show

Edna Burton Senior Center:

Lots of activies.  Please call (248) 627-6447 or visit their webpage at
and then click on the top tab: "Senior Center".  Then check out their calendar

If you have a complaint about our video/cable content and we can't solve the problem, here is the next step.

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